The International Conference on History, Theory and Methodology of Learning (ICHTML) is a peer-reviewed international conference, which covers interdisciplinary research on education, learning and training, and applications of theories and philosophies used in the sciences of learning and adjacent sciences.
The ICHTML occupies contributions in all aspects of epistemology, psychology of learning, learning theories, learning technologies and tools, paradigms and models and related fields of interest with a emphasis on human and machine learning. The main problematic field of the conference is the current and future issues of modern pedagogical science: psychological and pedagogical, philosophical, socio-cultural aspects of education, learning and training, modern theories, technologies and teaching aids, the emergence of which is determined by globalization, integration processes, social transformations, humanitarian and scientific and technological development. There is urgent general need for principled changes in postclassic education elicited by current theories, models, tools, services, networks and communications.
We invite you to participate in the conference and look forward to fruitful cooperation.

Topics of interest

Track 1: History of Learning and Education

  • Evolution of Education, Learning and Training
  • Comparative Pedagogy
  • Personalia
  • World Trends in Learning, Training and Education Development

Track 2: Learning Theories

  • Analytical Psychology and Learning
  • Anthropology of Learning and Cognition
  • Assessment in Learning
  • Comparative Psychology
  • Development and Learning
  • Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience and Learning
  • Discourse and the Production of Knowledge
  • Naturalistic Epistemology
  • Neuropsychology of Learning
  • Philosophy of Learning
  • Psychology of Learning

Track 3: Learning Methodology

  • Learning Technology
  • Machine Learning, Robot Learning and Artificial Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Engineering, and Intelligent Tutoring Systems
  • Sociology of Education
  • Economics of Education

Previous conferences

May 16 - 17

Kryvyi Rih



Call for Papers

Authors are invited to submit full (and original research) papers (at least 6 pages) including surveys, tutorials, perspective/colloquia articles in conference topics of interest through the HotCRP (https://notso.easyscience.education/ichtml/2022) by December 13, 2021.

Submitted papers will be peer-reviewed by three reviewers on the basis of technical quality, relevance, originality, significance, and clarity. If necessary, a fourth, additional reviewer will be involved. The Program Committee will use these reviews to determine which papers will be accepted for presentation at the conference. The result of the reviewing will be announced to the submitting authors by email, along with reviewer comments, if any.

Accepted papers will be published as a special issue of the SHS Web of Conferences journal (eISSN: 2261-2424 / publisher: EDP Sciences) in 3 month after conference.

Primary requirements

  • Submissions should be:
    • basically, correct and sound;
    • original (not published elsewhere partly or in full and not submitted to other venues for simultaneous consideration);
    • presented at the conference (at least one author of each article should attend to the conference);
    • in line with the scope of ICHTML.
  • A maximum of two articles per author is accepted.
  • One paper shouldn't have more than five authors.
  • The number of references in the list of references should not be less than 10.
  • Self-citations should not exceed 10 %.
  • Authors are encouraged to refer to the Committee on Publishing Ethics (COPE) for all aspects of publication ethics (http://publicationethics.org/) and to strictly conform to the ethical rules described on https://www.shs-conferences.org/about-the-journal/publishing-policies-ethics, COPE Core Practices, Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing, in particular:
    • A single study is not split up into several parts to increase the quantity of submissions and submitted to various edited book projects or journals or to one journal over time (e.g. "salami-publishing").
    • No data have been fabricated or manipulated (including images) to support the manuscript's conclusions.
    • No data, text, or theories by others are presented as if they were the authors own ("plagiarism"). Proper acknowledgements to other works must be given (this includes material that is closely copied (near verbatim), summarized and/or paraphrased), quotation marks are used for verbatim copying of material, and permissions are secured for material that is copyrighted.
    • Consent to submit has been received from all co-authors and responsible authorities at the institute/organization where the work has been carried out before the work is submitted.
    • Authors whose names appear on the submission have contributed sufficiently to the scientific work and therefore share collective responsibility and accountability for the results.

NB: Due to the promotion of international collaboration of authors and visibility of the conference, we expect that at least 40% of authors will be from outside Ukraine.

Formatting options

ICHTML 2022 uses EDP Sciences two column format for the proceedings. Therefore, for preparing your submission please STRICTLY FOLLOW the SHS Web of Conferences Editorial Guidelines, LaTeX2e class file and LaTeX2e guidelines.
Besides, some tips on how to write a title and an abstract in a proper way are given in this document. Please read it carefully.
References should use the Springer Physics style, as shown in the 'Key Style Points: References'.

Paper submission

In case you have never worked with the HotCRP system before, please create a HotCRP account by clicking "Create an account" link at the login form. You will be offered to enter your email and click the 'Create account' button. The instructions for signing in to HotCRP would be sent to your email. After complete registration you should sign in and complete your profile. Please list potential conflicts of interest - we use this information when assigning reviews. At the "New Submission" link of the ICHTML 2022, please fill in the forms as requested by the instructions.


Important Dates

Submission Deadline

December 13, 2021
January 10, 2022
(hard deadline)

Notification Due:

February 20, 2022

Final Submission Deadline

March 10, 2022 April 10, 2022
(hard deadline)

Registration Due:

April 26, 2022

Main Conference

May 16-17, 2022


ICHTML requires that every conference participant, not necessarily a speaker, but also a listener, registers at the conference. A non-dedicated registration service is provided for this step. We need your registration for:
  1. Personalizing your conference information bundle, including the badge with your name and affiliation
  2. Offer additional services to you: e.g. visa support, hostel booking, official invitation letter preparation
  3. Collecting statistical information about session attendance, including social events - for proper resource planning
  4. Letting the other conference participants know who you are to facilitate networking
Please choose the right item for you to complete the registration, the registration fee is listed as follows:

    Authors (Presentation & Publication) - 60 EUR and 200 UAH
    Audience (With conference information bundle) - 200 UAH
    Audience (Without conference information bundle) - No Fee

Important Notice:
  1. Registration fee covers the publication fee, conference fee, conference material (conference program, certification...), coffee/tea break.
  2. Each paid registration covers only one paper and one attendee.
  3. At least one author for each accepted final paper must register for paper publication.
  4. Delegates should bear the Service Charge (if any) of the bank in the Sender's Side.



of the 3rd International Conference on History, Theory and Methodology of Learning (ICHTML 2022)

The Venue

Kryvyi Rih State Pedagogical University
54 Gagarin Ave.
Kryvyi Rih, 50086


Full research papers

Research articles should contain sufficient background and motivation and they should present proofs, where applicable, or at least outlines of such in sufficient detail to enable an expert to complete them. Thus summaries and mere announcements of papers appearing elsewhere cannot be included, although more detailed versions of e.g. a highly technical contribution may well be published elsewhere later.


Surveys should cover a sufficiently broad topic, and should normally not just review the author's own recent research. In the case of surveys proofs of results may not be necessary.

We intend to publish ICHTML post-proceedings of selected papers by the Educational Dimension. For this, full papers must be submitted until the post-proceedings deadline. The authors of all presented contributions will have the opportunity (but no obligation) to submit a full paper for the formal post-proceedings. These must represent original work and should not be submitted to another conference at the same time. The submission deadline for these post-proceedings will be after the conference in November 2022. There will be a second round of reviewing for selecting papers to be published in the formal proceedings.

  • Changes of authorship or in the order of authors are not accepted after acceptance of a contribution to the proceedings.
  • Requests to add or delete authors at revision stage or after publication is a serious matter, and may be considered only after receipt of written approval from all authors and detailed explanation about the role/deletion of the new/deleted author. The decision on accepting the change rests with the volume editor(s)of the proceedings.
Conference organizers has no any formal relations with CNKI, EBSCO, DOAJ, ProQuest, Google Scholar, Web of Science, etc., therefore we can't give any promises on behalf of them. Please don't bother us on the indexing - any inquiry should be addressed to the indexing databases directly.

SHS Web of Conferences supports the work of abstracting and indexing databases listed in the journal website. However, it is at the discretion of the indexing databases as to how quickly they process and upload new content. Unfortunately, SHS Web of Conferences has no control over how long it takes for each volume to be indexed. The terms of indexation of SHS Web of Conferences in indexing databases depend essentially on the evaluation team of these organizations who reserve the right to include or exclude a journal at any time, according to their own editorial policy.


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